Hey there bookworms! Are you ready for an action-packed, page-turning urban fantasy romance that will readers breathless? Well, look no further because Sarah J. Maas has done it again with her thrilling sequel, House of Sky and Breath.

In this captivating story, we are thrown into a world on the brink of chaos, filled with rebels, rulers, and a group of friends who are determined to fight for what's right. With intricate plotting, crackling dialogue, and enough twists to keep you on the edge of your seat, this book is a must-read for fans of Maas' previous works.

So, grab a cozy blanket, brew yourself a cup of tea, and get ready to dive into a world of fantastical creatures, love, and danger. Trust me, you won't be able to put this book down!

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Book Details

House of Sky and Breath

The sequel to "House of Earth and Blood," by bestselling author Sarah J. Maas continues the story of Bryce, Hunt, and their friends as they navigate a world they thought they knew. The rulers of the city, the Asteri, are facing rebellion from the rebels who are chipping away at their power. As Bryce, Hunt, and their friends get pulled into the rebels' plans, they are faced with a choice: stay silent while others are oppressed, or fight for what's right.

The stakes are high as the threat posed by the rulers grows, and staying silent is no longer an option. As the rebels' plans unfold and the city teeters on the edge of chaos, Bryce, Hunt, and their friends must make difficult decisions and confront their own pasts to save the world they know and love.

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Sarah J Maas


Fantasy, New Adult, Fiction, Romance

Publication Date

March 2, 2023


Bloomsbury Publishing


Crescent City

Other books in the series

House of Earth and Blood (Book 1)

House of Flame and Shadow (Book 3)

Spicy Chapters

3, 21, 27, 40, 46, 53, 61, 67

I skipped the steamy scenes entirely so I cannot tell you if I missed any important plot details.

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Tropes & Themes

Chosen One, Strong Female Lead, Forbidden Love, Found Family, Redemption, Sacrifice, Friendship, Power, Struggle for survival, Fated mates story


Sarah J. Maas's books are celebrated worldwide, translated into thirty-eight languages, and loved by fans of fantasy romance.

Spoiler Free Review

One thing that stands out in this book is the way it delves into the complex relationships between the characters, particularly the found family dynamic. It's a theme that I adore. And while some steamy scenes may not be everyone's cup of tea, they can easily be skipped without missing out on the overall enjoyment. Although I find romance dramas to be great in this book.

Surprisingly, I found myself more invested in the secondary characters like Ruhn, Ithan, and Tharion, rather than the main characters, Bryce and Hunt. Their storylines were just more engaging to me.

The plot twists in this book are mind-blowing, and the ending will leave you speechless. However, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed by the lack of character development. I'm a fan of books that balance a gripping plot and meaningful character growth, and this book fell a bit short on that front. Another thing that slightly hindered my enjoyment was the constant switching of points of view, which made it a bit hard to keep up with storylines but after a while, I got used to it.

In the first book, "House of Earth and Blood," I was captivated by the development of Hunt and Bryce's relationship, but their story felt a bit lacking in this one. Bryce's choices sometimes seemed selfish, even when she tried to pass them off as selfless acts. I found myself losing interest in her character. However, despite this, I'm still invested in the other characters' storylines, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold in the third book.

In-depth Review

Please be aware that the following review of House of Sky and Breath contains spoilers. If you haven't read the book and want to avoid any spoilers, I highly recommend stopping here and returning once you've caught up on the series.

Also, I'll touch on the key moments that drive the narrative forward. Keep in mind that while I'll cover significant events, not every detail from the story will be mentioned. if you're ready to dive into a detailed review, then read on!

Plot Summary

The story kicks off with a bang, introducing Sophie Renast, a human with some special Vanir-like abilities. She's working undercover for a rebel group called Ophion, aiming to rescue her brother, Emile, from a dreadful place called the Kavalla Death Camps.

While she's technically on the rebel side, Sophie has her agenda, trying to uncover the truth about the Asteri. These Asteri have been hunting down powerful folks like Sophie and Emile, who are thunderbirds capable of wielding extraordinary energy.

Things get intense as Sophie, alongside Agent Silverbow, stages a daring rescue mission. However, their plans get tangled when they encounter the Hinds and her dreadwolves. The Hind throws Sophie into the ocean, leaving us hanging on her fate.

Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar, the main characters from the first book, are trying to navigate their relationship amid all the chaos. They decide to hold off on taking things to the next level until the Winter Solstice.

At a house party, hosted by Ruhn and his friends, they find themselves interrupted by Prince Cormac, who claims Bryce as his betrothed. Bryce is not on board with this engagement, especially after Cormac shows up uninvited. So, she and Hunt leave, only to find a wounded Ithan in her apartment. He's been exiled by the wolves for helping Bryce in the past.

Meanwhile, there's a hunt for Sophie Renast, who's hiding her thunderbird powers. Tharion, working for the River Queen, is on the search, hoping to find her and her brother Emile.

Ruhn is caught in his mess with an arranged engagement to Hypaxia, a witch with some shady powers. Things get more complicated when Cormac shows up again, claiming he wants to help find Emile.

Bryce checks old footage at Griffin Antiquities to see if Danika is interested in any specific books. They spot her eyeing a wolf history book, raising questions. Bryce visits the Prime for info but learns little except that the wolves are disconnected from their past. She also mentions Ithan's exile.

Bryce, Juniper, Fury, and Hunt search the Meat Market for Emile but come up empty. Danika told Sophie about a hiding spot in Crescent City, likely in the Bone Quarter. Despite warnings, Bryce and Hunt investigate, confronting the Under King who feeds off dead souls. A fight ensues, but they escape using their powers.

Ruhn, Ithan, and Cormac gather intel but encounter Danika's father, Mordoc. They narrowly avoid detection. Cormac's rebels intercept mech suits successfully, and Bryce's use of her princess title strengthens Fae control over her. Ruhn confides in Day, revealing their mission.

Ithan seeks answers about his brother's soul but finds none from a mystic. Cormac aids in sabotaging the mech suits, leading to a clash with rebels. Bryce's powers prove crucial, and they learn Sophie's fate.

On a ship, Bryce and Hunt consummate their relationship, uncovering more about Bryce's powers. They also confirm Sophie's death, discovering strange markings on her body. Cormac bids farewell.

Ithan reconnects with the wolves, gaining his pack, and explores mystic knowledge with Ruhn. They liberate magical beings from the Astronomer's rings, forming an unlikely alliance.

Bryce finds Emile with the Viper Queen's help, angering Hunt with her secrecy. Hypaxia aids in Connor's spiritual search, leading to a demon attack, showcasing their combined powers.

Ruhn and Day's bond deepens, but their plans are thwarted by the Hind and Harpy's interference. Meanwhile, Bryce navigates her princess duties, unveiling a surprising secret at a celebration.

Bryce and Hunt's intimate moment is interrupted by another couple, revealing unexpected connections (Celestina and Hypaxia). Meanwhile, Ruhn and Day's meeting is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Apollion's dream visit enlightens Bryce about ancient history, as she prepares for a journey with her allies.

The group faces trials and revelations, culminating in Cormac's sacrifice and a daring mission to the Eternal City. Bryce uncovers shocking truths about the Asteri's origins and their manipulation of Midgard's inhabitants. Confronting Rigelus, Bryce learns of his sinister plans and the truth behind Danika's demise.

In the climactic finale, Rigelus traps Hunt, Ruhn, and Bryce, coercing Bryce to aid in opening a portal to a new world. Bryce agrees under the guise of a hidden plan. As Rigelus pursues her, Bryce escapes through the portal, landing in a lush new world.

Meanwhile, Hunt, Ruhn, and Baxian face torture at Rigelus's hands. Hunt endures the torment first, subjected to enslavement with a crown of thorns.

In the new world, Bryce encounters beings who recognize her ancient language and the significance of the Starsword she carries. Meeting a figure resembling Ruhn, she pleads for help to save her world and her mate. To her surprise, the figure introduces himself as Rhysand.

Ithan, tasked with guarding the Astronomer's place, receives news of the failed mission and Bryce's disappearance. Determined to aid his friends, he appeals to the mystic wolf, the lost Fendyr heir, who finally awakens.

My Final Thoughts

What caught my attention about this book is Sarah J. Maas's knack for crafting intricate plots and immersive worlds. The action-packed plot keeps the pace fast making it a real struggle to put the book down.

But what truly stole the show for me were the relationships between the characters, which I believe lie at the heart of "House of Sky and Breath." Each character is fleshed out with their motivations and struggles, adding depth to the story. However, it was the arcs of Ruhn, Ithan, and Tharion that grabbed my attention. Their stories added layers to the narrative, providing moments of both humor and heart. I found myself particularly drawn to Ruhn, wishing he had more time in the spotlight. I can't help but worry about his fate, but I'm holding out hope that Sarah spares him from a tragic end.

While the character development is okay overall, I felt that certain arcs could have been explored more deeply, especially those of some secondary characters. Learning about Agent Daybright's true identity as The Hind left me feeling disappointed (major twist). It was hard to reconcile the brutality of her actions with the character Ruhn fell in love with. I was rooting for a romance to blossom between Ruhn and Hypaxia, despite the odds.

As for Bryce and Hunt, their relationship remains a central focus of the story. While their chemistry is undeniable, I couldn't help but find their dynamic a bit repetitive and tiresome at times. Bryce's tendency to act without considering the consequences for others struck me as selfish, echoing her father's behavior. It left me feeling disconnected from their relationship and longing for more depth.

While the occasional repetition in scenes and dialogue was a minor annoyance, it didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the book. However, I could have done without the steamy love scenes, which felt unnecessary and out of place.

If I had to pick a favorite character, it would be Tharion. His humor adds a refreshing touch to the story, and I can't wait to see what twists and turns await him in the next installment, even if it might frustrate me at times.

Overall, "House of Sky and Breath" exceeded my expectations with its blend of romance, action, and intrigue. It's a must-read for fans of urban fantasy romance, offering a compelling narrative with a diverse cast of characters and a strong female protagonist. Highly recommended for anyone looking for their next addictive read!

Happy Reading!