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The fourth wing is an electrifying novel with you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Join the protagonists in a thrilling quest filled with captivating characters, heart-stopping action, and unexpected romance.

Whether you're a fan of action, romance, or a captivating story, Fourth Wing is the perfect book for you. Let's dive into what makes this book an absolute must-read!

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Book Details

My rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: Four Wing

Author: Rebecca Yarros

Publication Date: May 2, 2023

Genre: New Adult, Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

Empyrean Series: Book 1

Other Books in the Series: Iron Flame (Series not completed)

Spice Level: 4. There are two open-door scenes ( spicy chapters 22, 30, and 32 in case you want to skip them). If you are curious about how I rate the spice in books go here.

*note: Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros is perfect for readers who enjoy fantasy novels featuring an enemies-to-lovers trope, a strong female protagonist, and a dystopian futuristic setting, with elements of adventure, suspense, and romance, as well as beautiful writing and character-driven storytelling.

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Plot synopsis

In the land of Navarre, Violet Sorrengail, a twenty-year-old slated for a quiet life in the Scribe Quadrant, faces an unexpected twist when her mother, the commanding general, orders her to join the ranks of dragon rider candidates.

Despite being smaller and more fragile than the others, Violet risks her life in a world where dragons typically incinerate humans deemed "fragile." With the odds stacked against her, Violet must navigate the cutthroat competition among dragon rider hopefuls, where some would go to extremes to eliminate their rivals.

Among them is Xaden Riorson, the formidable wing leader in the Riders Quadrant, who sees Violet as a threat. Surviving in this perilous environment requires Violet to use her wits, knowing that each day brings her closer to a potential confrontation with dragons and the harsh realities of war.

As the external threats intensify, the kingdom's protective wards weaken, and a rising death toll looms. Violet also suspects that the leadership harbors a dark secret.

In Basgiath War College, where everyone has their agenda, Violet understands that there are only two paths: graduate or face death.

Spoiler Free Review

Violet's determination in the world of dragon riders is what drew me in. Her refusal to let size define her added relatability and inspiration.

Yarros paints a clear picture of the dragon rider world to life, detailing intense training and intricate relationships. The authenticity of Violet's struggles and dragon-riding experiences kept me engaged.

The friendships, especially with Violet and the other riders, made the story interesting. It's more than just a fantasy; it's about not giving up and figuring out who you are.

In-Depth Review

Spoilers Ahead! If you haven't read "Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros, proceed with caution. This review will delve into the details of the fantasy narrative, exploring the highs, lows, and unexpected turns.

Plot Summary:

On the day young adults in Navarre must pick their military path, Violet faces a big choice. Despite training for the Scribe Quadrant, her mom, General Sorrengail, insists she joins the Rider Quadrant as a dragon rider. Violet's sister, Mira, a dragon rider, worries about Violet's health but the decision sticks. Mira helps Violet prep for Basgaith War College, advising her to connect with old friend Dain Aetos and avoid rebel-labeled cadets.

At college, Violet ends up in the same squad as Xaden Riorson, a rebel leader's son. Despite their history, they tackle challenges together, like deadly sparring. Violet uses her late brother's journal to get ahead. In Threshing, bonding with dragons, Violet defends Andarna, a golden dragon, getting hurt in the process.

A black dragon, Tairn, arrives, saving Violet and bonding with her and Andarna. Being the first rider with two bonds brings challenges, including attempts on her life. Though her skills improve, flying practice is a struggle. Tairn saves her from an attack, revealing Andarna's time-stopping power.

Violet tells Xaden about a traitor, leading to the cadet's execution. Xaden asks Liam to be Violet's bodyguard. A spontaneous kiss happens between Xaden and Violet, fueled by their dragons. Violet fights Jack, unveiling her unique power of controlling lightning and defeating him.

Reunification Day comes, and Violet and Xaden confess their feelings, but their intimacy is cut short by the War Games' final stage. Xaden admits to collaborating with Gryphon fliers against a bigger enemy. They uncover a betrayal, leading to a risky mission. In the battle, Liam dies, and Violet is poisoned, but she uses her lightning powers to secure victory.

Survivors take Violet to heal. When she wakes up, Xaden pledges loyalty, but Violet is skeptical. Her supposedly dead brother, Brennan, appears, welcoming her to the revolution. The story leaves us hanging, hinting at what's next in "Iron Flame."

My Thoughts:

"Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros was a wild fantasy adventure that had its share of highs and lows. The story pulled me in with its cool characters, vibrant world, and unexpected twists.

The friendship between Violet and Rhiannon was a standout. It provided a nice break from the intense romantic parts and added a genuine touch to the story. Their bond made the whole narrative more cozy.

Andarna and Tairn, the dragons, were awesome characters with big personalities. Even though they're mythical, the author made them relatable and lovable, making the story more enjoyable.

While Violet and Xaden's love story was a bit predictable, the surprising twists with Dain's betrayal and Xaden's collaboration with the enemy brought a new level of excitement. These twists made the characters more complex and added some stakes to the plot.

Liam's death hit me hard, but the revelation of Brennan being alive was a cool plot twist that kept me intrigued. I was curious to see what would happen in the next part of the series.

However, there were moments when the spicy romantic parts felt a bit too much and took away from the main story. I found myself skimming through those sections to get back to the heart of the narrative. A better balance during those moments would have improved the overall reading experience.

All in all, "Fourth Wing" is a compelling fantasy read with emotional depth, creative storytelling, and unexpected twists. Despite some parts feeling a bit excessive, it's an enjoyable journey for fantasy enthusiasts. I'm looking forward to the next part of the series, hoping for a more balanced narrative, and curious about how the story will unfold.

Thanks for reading!