0: Pure Sweetness - Innocent moments, like hugs and gentle kisses, convey a sense of comfort and budding affection.

1: Subtle Warmth - Handholding, tender kisses, with emotions reminiscent of a shy and sweet romance unfolding.

2: Cozy Embers - Passionate moments start to emerge, exploring deeper connections.

3: Gentle Flames - More intense physical closeness, reflecting the building desire between characters.

4: Sizzling Blaze - Scenes with steamy encounters, exploring desires. On-page intimacy may occur.

5: Inferno - Explicit scenes with on-page intimacy.

*Please note that I rarely read books classified as Heat Levels 4 and 5 because I prefer minimal to no spicy content. However, if you find a review where I discuss a book with high spice levels, it's because I quickly skim through those parts to make sure I catch any important plot points. Otherwise, I skip those sections entirely if I already know where to skip ahead.