Navigating book selection as a Christian reader, especially when romance is involved, requires a nuanced understanding of content levels to align with personal values.

Recognizing varying degrees of intimacy in literature, from simple kisses to more suggestive scenes, is crucial for making informed choices. This categorization helps not only in personal reading but also assists parents in guiding their children's selections.

Transparency in book reviews about romantic content allows readers and parents to choose books that adhere to their comfort levels and moral standards. This approach ensures a more enjoyable and appropriate reading experience for individuals and families, maintaining a balance between engaging storytelling and respecting boundaries of modesty.

FYI: I read multiple genres (nonfic/fic) but romance is not something I read normally. It's rare! but recognizing its presence in various stories and genres helps me make informed decisions. I hope this helps you.

*Please note that I do not read spicy content! I avoid books with romance but on occasion, I may read a book that contains some level of intimacy. However, the book will NOT be anything more than a level 6. If there is content past that level of intimacy I will skip it entirely and most likely miss plot details. I will mention this in the book detail section of my reviews if that is the case. This is rare though.

No romance (0)

No romance present in plot.

Nothing Physical (1)

may have some flirting but not physical interaction

Minimal (2)

Innocent gestures like hugs and handholding.

Moderate (3)

Holding hands, kisses, with emotions that feel like a love story is unfolding.


more detailed description of emotion and kisses

Closed door(5) (PG rating if compared to movies)

Increasing physical closeness that shows a strong desire growing between characters. Its more implied and nothing on page.

Fade to Black (6) (PG-13+ if compared to movies)

Intimacy is implied with lead up before a fade to black scene.