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How I Review Books

My book reviews are listicle articles in which I explain what I loved about the book and what you should know about it.

When it comes to selecting the best books to review on my book blog, there are certain criteria that I use for judging them.

First, I look at the reviews — both from professional critics and fellow readers — to get a better understanding of what makes a particular book stand out or why it may not be worth recommending.

Second, I research its ratings. Reading through awards and recognitions the book might have received can center my opinion around what others consider great literature and help me decide if I should recommend it or not.

Finally, I make sure to compare several titles from each genre before making a list of recommendations online. This helps me form well-rounded opinions about them which can then be shared openly with other readers.

I made a booklist based on my research to decide which books to read and review. The list of recommended books is unbiased, but my review will be honest so you'll know what I think about their popularity.

I feel this style of reviewing books will allow you to make a more informed decision. I hope that this truly helps simplify your search for the perfect book to read next. Happy Reading!

Other Categories

In-Depth Book Reviews

I've just started adding this category to give you more info about the books I read. These are mostly books from my own "To Be Read" list.

Sometimes, they might also appear in my quick booklist style reviews because research has deemed it worthy lol, but those won't be as detailed (spoiler-free).

It'll take some time to include all the books I've read, so please be patient. But keep checking back because I add new detailed reviews every week.

Books in this category will have two sections: one with no spoilers and another that goes deeper into the story. This is just in case the books from my TBR list didn't make it to my main booklist style reviews. That way you can still get a review with no spoilers.

You will be able to find these under the booklist and reviews section of my site. However, you will need to look under the author's name to find the in-depth review.

Intimacy level guide

As a Christian reader of fiction and nonfiction alike navigating book selection, particularly when romance intertwines with the plot can be tricky.

Understanding that romantic content varies, I categorize these moments by their level of intimacy. This approach aids readers in choosing books that align with their values, ensuring the content is appropriate for their comfort level or younger readers.

While romance is not the genre I read normally, recognizing its presence in various stories and genres helps maintain a balance between engaging plots and personal values. Reviews or book discussions should mention these intimate moments. This isn't about judging the content but helping people make informed choices based on what they're comfortable with. 

For example, if a book has a couple of kissing scenes or hints at deeper relationships without showing details, it's good to know beforehand. This way, readers can choose books that align with their preferences, and parents can feel confident about the books their kids are picking up.

In short, even Christian books can vary in how they portray romance. Being upfront about these details helps everyone pick books that stick to their personal or family values, making reading a more enjoyable and fitting experience for all.

Even as a Christian, I appreciate stories that explore human relationships and emotions, as long as these narratives respect the boundaries of modesty and propriety.

However, even within Christian literature, there can be varying degrees of intimacy—from a simple hug or kiss to more suggestive scenes that fade to black, where more is implied than shown. Understanding these nuances is crucial not only for personal reading choices but also for parents who are guiding their children’s reading selections.

It's important to recognize that even books labeled as Christian or faith-based can contain moments of intimacy. These moments, while often handled delicately, might still be significant enough to influence a decision on whether the book is deemed appropriate for certain readers, especially younger audiences.

The key here is transparency and guidance. Reviews or discussions often benefit from mentioning these scenes, not as a critique of the content's morality, but as an informative measure. This approach helps readers or parents make informed decisions based on their comfort level with the described content.

For instance, knowing that a book contains a few scenes with subtle romantic elements like a kiss or an implied deeper relationship (handled with a 'fade to black' approach) allows potential readers to decide if this aligns with their reading preferences or parental guidelines.

In summary, while I read multiple genres not just Christian literature. Providing clear, respectful information about such content serves as a valuable tool for readers and parents alike, ensuring that their choices are well-informed and in line with their values. This not only enhances the reading experience but also supports the community in maintaining the standards they hold dear in literary exploration.

Categories to be added soon!

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