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Book Details

These Infinite Threads

My rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author: Tahareh Mafi
Publication Date: February 7, 2023
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Persian Mythology, Romance
This Woven Kingdom Series: Book 2
Other Books in the Series: This Woven Kingdom and All This Twisted Glory
Spice Level: Zero. Some touching and memories of passionate kissing.

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Plot Synopsis

Alizeh is destined to liberate her Jinn people, but a vengeful ruler, Cyrus of Tulan, has other plans—marrying her to fulfill his sinister bargain. As Alizeh grapples with her fate, Kamran faces betrayal in Ardunia and seeks revenge in Tulan, hoping to find Alizeh unclaimed by the throne. The story unfolds with twists of love, power, and the looming clash between ancient kingdoms.

Spoiler Free Review

Step into the spoiler-free zone! Further below, you'll discover a more in-depth review but tread carefully to avoid any spoilers.

My feelings about this book were a bit of a rollercoaster. While I prefer books with a strong plot, this one is heavily character-driven. I appreciate character development, but the detailed descriptions sometimes made it feel a bit slow for my taste. I get that Tahareh is laying the groundwork for the series, but a bit more plot could have hooked me even more.

Despite the limited plot, I enjoyed the banter between Cyrus and Alizeh, and delving into Cyrus's backstory was a highlight. Kamran's internal struggles, especially with his kingdom, added depth. The secondary characters, like Hazan, Miss Huda, and Cyrus's mother, stole the show—they were fascinating. Tahareh's writing style, though, is undeniably fantastic.

In-Depth Review

Heads up! If you're not caught up, maybe skip this part to keep things a surprise. I'll be going into details that could spoil it for you.

Plot Summary:

Get ready for the exciting sequel, "These Infinite Threads," where we follow Alizeh and Kamran's stories. Alizeh is captured by Cyrus and taken to Tulan, pressured to be his wife as part of a deal with the devil. Unwilling to go along with the devil's plans, she thinks about escaping, even considering Cyrus's mother's idea to harm him.

Despite Alizeh and Cyrus constantly arguing, there's an odd attraction between them. Spending time together makes Alizeh understand Cyrus's problems, and she finds his good looks appealing.

Meanwhile, Kamran deals with betrayal in Ardunia, driven by anger and mixed feelings for Alizeh. Determined not to let emotions control him, he promises to regain control. Gathering allies to rescue Alizeh, he faces a threat to his throne, and trust is hard to come by.

The book hints at an uncertain reunion between Alizeh and Kamran, full of tension and uncertainty. Even though this book may not have much action, it suggests that the next one will be full of excitement!

My Thoughts:

"These Infinite Threads" by Tahereh Mafi is a rollercoaster of emotions that kept me hooked from start to finish. The story alternates between Alizeh and Kamran, picking up from the chaos in the previous book, "This Woven Kingdom."

Alizeh's caught up in a tough spot, taken to Tulan by Cyrus to be his wife due to some deal with the devil. I felt her struggle against the devil's plans, and the twist involving Cyrus's mother's suggestion of killing her son added an interesting layer to the story.

The pacing is well done, with short chapters and alternating perspectives keeping things dynamic. While this book might not have a ton of action, it builds up anticipation for what's next. One confusing thing about the series is that the prophecy says Alizeh is meant to lead her people, but we don't get what the devil is up to. Not knowing what he wants makes it hard to tell if the characters are doing the right things, making the story less exciting. I like a bit of mystery, but knowing what's at stake would make it even better.

The tension between Alizeh and Cyrus is a highlight, with constant bickering and a hidden attraction that unfolds as they spend more time together. Kamran's side of the story adds depth, especially as he deals with betrayal in Ardunia and grapples with his feelings for Alizeh. I appreciated the exploration of trust issues and emotions as Kamran gathered allies to rescue Alizeh, promising an exciting next chapter.

Thank you for reading!