Is your relationship feeling a bit stale? Are you looking to deepen your connection with your partner?

Studies show that open, honest conversations about sex are the key to maintaining strong relationships. But what if it’s not something either of you feels comfortable talking about? Have no fear! I have just the thing for you - Christian books on sex are designed to provide guidance and insight into how God wants us to approach our relationships. From practical advice on communication and sexuality to theological perspectives, this collection offers something for every situation.

Let these inspiring words help bring clarity and peace of mind in understanding how God has a plan for success in love — so get ready to rock your relationship today!

Check out this selection of Christian books on sex now, and start investing in strengthening yourselves as a couple!

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How I Choose

Sex is a taboo topic for many Christians, and it can be difficult to find good information on the subject.

Most Christian books on sex are written by people who are not actually in a sexual relationship. So they don't understand what you're going through.

This article provides 5 great book recommendations from couples who have successfully used them. The books are easy to understand and cover a range of topics, from overcoming sexual sin to improving your sex life.

The Marriage Devotional

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Why do I love it?

I love The Marriage Devotional because it provides a meaningful and tailored approach to marriage. This devotional offers daily challenges, Bible verses, prayers, conversations, and lessons to help couples strengthen their connection. It promises to bring couples closer together as they use the book over 52 days, as well as give practical advice on topics like sex, finances, and communication. For example, Day 13’s devotion includes wisdom on “finding common ground”, with marriage counselors while Day 29 encourages couples to invite God to be part of their conversation. Every day brings an encouraging message that helps you better understand the depths of the loving relationship you share with your spouse. Over time, this devotional will help repair any hurts in your marriage, giving both spouses new opportunities for love and growth together.

What you should know

This brief but powerful devotional contains helpful advice from a couple with decades of combined experience, as well as Scripture readings designed to help couples reconnect. Not only does this book discuss how couples should communicate their needs effectively, but it also encourages them to be proactive about resolving their issues in a loving and understanding manner. The accompanying study guide helps guide each couple through the principles so that they can apply them towards the betterment of their relationship. Practical exercises such as journaling, prayer, and even meditation are included so that engaged couples can learn to recognize and share their individual needs while deepening their unique bond. With its biblical guidance in mind and its down-to-earth approach, The Marriage Devotional really is a must-have for couples everywhere who want to establish strong relationships.

The Great Sex Rescue

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Why do I love it?

I love the book “The Great Sex Rescue" because it provides an honest and open exploration of sex and long-term relationships from a faith perspective. From balancing expectations with reality to debunking myths, the authors dig into the details in this powerful book. In addition to offering practical tips on creating intimate connections with one’s partner, they focus on recasting sex as something positive instead of shameful - an essential element of any loving relationship. The authors are especially helpful when it comes to setting boundaries; they point out that sexual fulfillment can only come when both partners set limits on themselves and agree upon mutual respect for those limits. All in all, this thought-provoking book will help readers move past damaging lies and unlock the power of true intimacy through meaningful connection.

What you should know

"The Great Sex Rescue" is a must-read for any individual or couple looking to gain a better understanding of the far-reaching implications of Christian sexuality. Focusing on seven lies constructed throughout generations they explain very practically how individuals and couples can be liberated from common misconceptions that Christianity simply stifles sexual pleasure. By unpacking Biblical texts as well as tapping into current cultural trends these authors skillfully provide readers with the understanding of why embracing sex from a faithful perspective brings true satisfaction and joy. This book provides readers with the tools needed to understand God's perfect design for healthy relationships in marriage, deep insight into the distinction between God’s principles for Christian sexuality versus other perspectives, and practical ways to heal from past wounds.

Intended for Pleasure

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Why do I love it?

"Intended for Pleasure" has long been touted as required reading for couples everywhere, particularly those looking to renew their passion and sexuality within the boundaries of marriage. This book helps us understand that a sexual relationship between married couples is not only important but essential to forming lasting bonds of unity and love. For example, the authors explain how authentic communication during sex can foster in-depth intimacy during sexual union and bring understanding to our respective needs. Furthermore, detailed information about sexual intuition and individual preferences regarding erogenous zones proves how the authors emphasize personal growth to enhance the overall physical relationship of marriage. Intended for Pleasure offers straightforward steps toward better sexual relations which is why I absolutely love this book!

What you should know

A complete sex manual for newly married couples or married couples wanting a Christian perspective on the gift God intended - sex - then this book by Ed wheat is perfect for you. In it, Wheat has crafted a frank discussion of biblical teaching and provides a wealth of practical advice for married couples and newlyweds. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of Christian teachings on sex or hoping to gain valuable insight into how to make your own marriage more fulfilling, this book is worth making part of your collection.

This book explores deeply the themes of technique, sexual fulfillment, and Christian marriage in a very accessible way. It provides readers with practical advice that combines biblical teaching such as how to help ease psychological issues that can impede a healthy sex life, as well as suggested activities couples can do together to strengthen their connection. Readers will also be able to gain insight into the importance of communication between partners and ways to address physical issues that may be inhibiting a pleasurable experience. This book is sure to provide helpful tips that people can incorporate into their lives right away, all while helping them understand what God's design for intimacy within marriage looks like!

Why do I love it?

The book "Unmuzzled" is a must-read for men of any age who are struggling with sexual sin. While there have been countless books written on this topic, Mr. Shelton's approach is unique in its direct and uncompromising approach to the issue. He challenges men not just to avoid sinful behaviors, but challenges them to go further and truly turn away from their addictions and strongholds. With detailed accounts of his own painful journey through addiction, Shelton’s book offers invaluable advice based on personal experience as well as sound biblical principles. He dispels the lies we tell ourselves such as “things could be worse” or that this behavior doesn't matter because no one can see our choices; shedding light on the reality that sexual sin affects us in more ways than we can imagine - hurting us spiritually, emotionally and adversely affecting our relationships with those around us. I love Unmuzzled for providing hope for men facing battles with sexual sin by showing them God will never leave them and that he's always there ready to restore hope in their lives when they seek him.

What you should know

The book provides a step-by-step guide to overcoming sexual sin, making it easily accessible and relatable for those who may be struggling. With mentions of Scripture and stories from firsthand accounts of other men, the book expertly navigates topics such as lust, emotional attachment, the darkness of desires, and more. Christopher Ahlgrim also contributes material from his own struggles with pornography addiction, which readers can look to for understanding and support while they push forward in their own process of freeing themselves from sexual sin. With topics divided into four easily understandable parts–slaying the dragon; forgiving yourself; rising up; and claiming victory–this book will certainly provide every man with an excellent foundation as he embarks on his journey to freedom in Christ.

Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot

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Why do I love it?

This book was an absolute game-changer for me when it came to learning how to view sex through a faith-driven lens. It helped me reconcile that sex and human sexuality could be both something beautiful and holy even though it may have been labeled as taboo in the church before. Mo Isom shares her own experiences with stories from others in the book, making sure to include perspectives from different genders, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. I especially appreciated how she emphasized consent throughout the entire book - making sure readers understand it is not about a rigid set of rules but instead about understanding consent for all people alike. She also references science and neurological research in her writing so that readers have factual evidence to back up her statements. After reading this book, I can genuinely say I look at sex through a whole new perspective; one filled with more grace, compassion, and understanding.

What you should know

Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot is an eye-opening yet challenging book that every Christian should read. Through her thesis of integrating biblical understandings of sex and dating, Isom guides readers to confront and embrace hard conversations they've often missed. She uses personal stories, scientific studies, and a phenomenal mix of humor and charm to bring sex out from under cultural taboos. The result is a liberating message that encourages grace instead of shame in conversations about physical intimacy. Isom also offers insight into spiritual growth, reassures singles with healthy boundary-setting techniques for navigating relationships, reframes gender roles in today's world, and inspires readers to include key topics like masturbation in their conversations. This book is sure to bring freedom - especially when it comes to difficult life questions on religion, sexuality, and more!

The Married Guy's Guide to Great Sex

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Why do I love it?

I love the book "The Married Guy's Guide to Great Sex" because it is filled with useful information that can help any married man perform better in the bedroom. The book is a great resource for couples to communicate effectively when it comes to understanding each other’s needs and desires, as the authors offer several positive ways of resolving sexual issues between husbands and wives. Additionally, I appreciate that the authors set up realistic goals for couples to follow when it comes to improving their relationships as well as their sex life. It covers topics such as body variety as well as giving tips on how to explore different types of arousal during physical intimacy. Overall, this book offers great advice for married men so that they can better understand how to give their partners maximum pleasure!

What you should know

"The Married Guy's Guide to Great Sex" is a great Book for married men and women who want to learn how to maintain an intimate connection and keep their sex life alive over the years. In this book, the Perners cover topics such as communication, trust-building, physical intimacy, eroticism, self-love, emotional healing, and sexual fantasies. The authors offer actionable steps for putting these concepts into a practical application so couples can develop greater sexual understanding, build communication skills and even explore adventurous new endeavors in the bedroom. This book provides Married men with a wealth of useful ideas on ways to rekindle the fire of romance and go beyond just getting through “the motions”. It could be a great addition to any married couple's library!

The right book for you!

After reading this blog post, we hope that you have a better understanding of the best Christian books on sex. Sex is a precious gift from God and as such, should be approached with respect and humility. Understanding what the Bible has to say about sex will provide us with the necessary tools for making decisions throughout our lives. With these Christian books dedicated to studying and providing guidance on the topic of sex, we can reflect and make more informed judgments about this important aspect of life. As always, prayer is an invaluable tool when processing our thoughts and seeking God’s wisdom in regard to sex. We are all called to study God’s Word and bring honor to His name by glorifying Him through healthy relationships. No matter your background or beliefs, learning more about our Lord’s teachings on sexual intimacy will be beneficial in living a richer and fuller life as Christians.

Happy Reading!


What are Christian teachings about sex?

Christians believe that sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed within the context of marriage. The Bible teaches us that sex should only take place between one man and one woman in a loving and committed relationship. Christians also emphasize self-control, modesty, respect for each other’s needs, and abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage.

Why is sex so important to men Christian?

Sex is important to men Christians because it helps them grow closer to each other and strengthens the relationship. It can be seen as a way of expressing love, reinforcing commitment, and creating a deeper bond between two people. Additionally, sex is a physical expression of intimacy that can be enjoyed by both partners. Lastly, for some couples, sex serves as a way to bring pleasure and enjoyment into their lives.

What is Christian sex therapy?

Christian sex therapy is a type of counseling that focuses on people’s spiritual and emotional needs regarding their sexuality. The goal of Christian sex therapy is to help couples explore their expectations, boundaries, and communication skills as they relate to sexual issues. The therapist seeks to create a safe space for the couple to process their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about sex in a respectful and non-judgmental way. The therapist also helps couples find solutions to any issues they may be having with their sex life, such as a lack of desire, or difficulty achieving and maintaining an adequate level of intimacy.

What are Christian views on marriage?

Christians view marriage as a sacred institution and an intimate union between two people. The Bible teaches that the husband and wife relationship should be one of selfless love, mutual respect, and commitment. Marriage is seen as a gift from God because it provides couples with stability, security, and companionship. Additionally, Christian marriage serves to protect purity within the relationship by encouraging abstinence outside of marriage and fidelity within. In marriage, sex should be a source of pleasure and comfort for both partners.

Is it a sin to have sex before marriage?

The Bible teaches that sex is to be reserved for marriage. Therefore, having sex before marriage is considered a sin by Christian beliefs. Nevertheless, many Christians today do choose to have premarital sex and justify it by saying that God forgives us of our sins if we confess them and repent. Regardless of one’s beliefs, it is important to remember that sex should be entered into with respect, caution, and humility.

Do Christians believe in casual sex?

Most Christians do not believe in casual sex. Casual sex is seen as a form of promiscuity, which goes against Christian teachings about sexuality. According to the Bible, sex should be reserved for marriage and should only take place between one man and one woman in a committed relationship. Additionally, casual sex can have detrimental physical and mental health consequences and can lead to feelings of guilt and shame, which Christian beliefs try to avoid.

What did God create sex for?

God created sex as a form of physical and emotional intimacy between a husband and wife. It is meant to be a source of pleasure, comfort, and connection for both partners. Additionally, God also intended sex to be used as a way to create new life. Thus, when couples conceive children through sexual intercourse, they are fulfilling God’s purpose for sex. Sex is also seen in Christianity as a way to express love and commitment between two people in a relationship.