If you’re looking to become a master of node.js, books are the way to go! Being able to hold the knowledge in your hands instead of just searching for it online is sometimes a much more enjoyable way to learn. Here are some great node.js books that you should add to your collection!

Learning Node.js by Shelley Powers is a great book for those just getting started with node.js. It covers basic concepts such as asynchronous programming, streams, and web applications. It also dives into more advanced topics like developing web services and creating custom modules with npm. This book is perfect for beginners who need an introduction to the world of node.js development.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, Professional Node.js by Pedro Teixeira is the book for you! This book covers complex topics such as testing, database integration, and performance optimization for large-scale applications. The author does a great job of explaining how everything works in layman’s terms so that even experienced developers can gain insight from this book without having too much trouble understanding it all.

For those who want to develop real-time applications with node.js, Building Real-Time Web Applications with Node.js by Tony Pujals and Michael Wanyoike is the perfect choice! This book takes readers through each step of developing real-time applications with node, including setting up an environment, creating data models, connecting databases and APIs, deploying production-ready code and more! Plus it includes tips on debugging and best practices so that readers can get their projects off the ground quickly and efficiently!

From beginners who need an introduction to node development to experienced developers interested in learning about real-time application development; these three books have got you covered! They’ll teach you everything from basic concepts like asynchronous programming and streams, to complex topics like building APIs and optimizing performance—all while providing easy-to-follow instructions suitable for any level of developer or programmer!

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