When you think of Walt Disney, what comes to mind? Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Cinderella? The man behind these beloved characters is the subject of the book “Who Was Walt Disney” by Whitney Stewart. This biography takes a look at Disney’s life from his childhood in Missouri to his death in California in 1966. It's an excellent primer for those who want to learn more about one of the most influential people in American history.

The book starts with a brief overview of Walt’s childhood and family life. Even as a young boy, he had a passion for art and animation that would shape his entire career. We learn about how he got his start in animation, moved to Hollywood and founded his first studio, and eventually created some of the world’s most popular films and characters. Throughout it all, we get a glimpse into how he conducted business – often making decisions based on gut instinct rather than financial gain.

The book also covers some of the darker moments in Disney’s life such as World War II where he was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer (he was cleared). His relationship with his family is also covered in detail including how he treated his siblings after their father passed away when they were young.  Despite its length (only 150 pages), this biography does an excellent job of covering every aspect of Walt’s life – both good and bad – so that readers can form their own opinion about him.

Lastly, this book is written for younger readers but adults will find it just as entertaining and informative. The language is simple but engaging while still maintaining an academic tone throughout which makes it perfect for kids who are interested in learning more about Disney or anyone else looking to brush up on their knowledge of the man behind Mickey Mouse!

"Who Was Walt Disney" by Whitney Stewart is an excellent primer for anyone wanting to know more about one of America’s most iconic figures. It covers every aspect of Disney's life from childhood to death with great detail yet keeps the language simple enough for younger readers — or anyone looking to refresh their understanding — to understand without feeling overwhelmed by too much information. All-in-all, this book is both educational and enjoyable for people of all ages!

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