Many people are familiar with the work of the beloved entertainment mogul, Walt Disney. But did you know that some believe he was also a Freemason? In this blog, we will take a look at this claim and explore what evidence there is to prove it.

What Is The Evidence?

The most comprehensive evidence for Disney being a Mason is found in his personal correspondence from 1941. In an exchange between Disney and Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in California, W.B. Ferrell, Disney writes about wanting to become a Mason and expresses admiration for their organization and values. He even asks if there is any way to get around the age limit so that he can join sooner!

Many other pieces of circumstantial evidence have been used to argue that Walt was indeed a Mason. For example, many of his characters display Masonic symbolism in their costumes or on their clothing. Additionally, there are references to Freemasonry throughout his works—from Bambi's father being named "The Great Prince of the Forest" (which is one of the titles given to Masons) to Donald Duck wearing a Masonic ring in one short film—which could point towards his involvement with Freemasonry.

It's important to note that despite all these clues, there has never been any concrete proof that Walt was actually a member of the Freemasons nor has anyone ever claimed he was an active participant in the organization. So while it may be possible he was interested in becoming a Mason at one point, it appears as though he never actually joined or participated in any meetings or activities related to them.

Whether or not Walt Disney was a part of the Freemason order remains unclear; however, there does appear to be some circumstantial evidence pointing towards his interest in joining at least at one point during his life. While we may never know definitively if Walt was ever officially involved with the group or not, it's clear that he had some familiarity with their ideals and values which likely played an influence on his work as an entertainer and storyteller throughout his career.

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